LPR License plate recognition


LPR is the solution for real-time video recognition of vehicle number plates which offers the greatest robustness and performance on the market.

Its algorithms have been specifically designed to automatically adapt to a variety of environments.

As part of the V4 family, our real-time event processing platform can be integrated with various functionalities (facial recognition, perimeter detection, zenith counters, etc.) generating complete, integrated, secure and simple solutions.


Parking space management: Aussi bien dans les parkings couverts que dans les parkings découverts. Il permet la possibilité de contrôler la capacité et le temps de séjour de chaque véhicule.

Control of non-payment at pumps: Through number plate identification, the payment of the pump can be linked to the specific registration and prevent the opening of an exit gate (or any other device) in case of non-payment.

Traffic jam detection: Location of the origin of the retention and estimation of the estimated time of arrival at a point.

Access control to restricted areas: Like the city centre or in the historic centre.

Logistics control: loading and unloading times, transit times, capacity control.


  • Optimised for car parks
  • Vehicle at a standstill (max. 30 km/h)
  • Camera behind the barrier
  • Infrared illumination with black and white image
  • 720p resolution
  • License plate size: 30 vertical pixels
  • Optimised for the city
  • Vehicle in motion (max. 80 km/h)
  • Framed image of the license plate. Avoid overview (use evidence channel if necessary)
  • Infrared illumination with focus and low pass filter 850 nm. black and white image
  • License plate size: 50 vertical pixels

The ideal solution for post-event management, setup and performance

Our system allows you to define a variety of configurations and actions related to licensing plate reading for access control, fleet management or alert generation.

List management:

  • Unlimited white and/or black lists
  • Independent configuration per camera
  • Import and export of CSV files

Integration with physical components:

  • Opening of gates and doors
  • Sensors or activation loops
  • Sirens, traffic lights or other elements

History of events with associated video:

  • Date and time
  • Camera
  • Event type



Specific management modules can be added to our solution:

LPM-PK: Advanced Parking Module:

  • Parking management (LPR-ADV-PK)
  • Capacity control.
  • Control of permanence and the maximum time allowed.
  • Control of shared locations (anti-passback).
  • Wrong-way detection.

LPM-TMP: Special module for managing temporary lists:

  • Add and manage number plates at a given time.
  • Lists with the expiry date.
  • Enable access schedules by lists and cameras.
  LPR LPR Free Flow  
Resolution 720p 720p  
Speed With stop Up to 90 km/h  
Compact unit Up to 8 channels Up to 2 channels  
Server equipment Up to 12 channels Up to 8 channels