Factories, industrial estates, power stations, mining operations, etc.




A video is a fundamental tool for decision-making in complex environments such as large facilities. Vaelsys analytics solutions offer complete security and protection to this type of structure, as well as adequate and timely information on logistics, access, etc.

Access control: Restricted access areas through number plate identification or person detection.

Supervision of work activities: Entry and exit of an enclosure, presence or absence of operators.

Logistic control: loading and unloading times, transit times, capacity control.

Intruder detection: suspicious activities such as loitering, perimeter approaches as well as presence detection by areas and/or times of interest.

Remote monitoring of facilities: Small, isolated facilities with limited communications.

Intruder deterrence: by activating various deterrent elements such as sirens, lights, etc.

Detection of abandoned or stolen objects: Detection of abandoned or stolen items in pre-determined critical areas and locations.


EFFICIENCY: The information generated by our solutions makes it possible to optimise the use of resources used in security and logistics, as well as to provide company personnel with better tools for controlling activity and preventing occupational risks.

SECURITY: 64-bit Linux operating system. It offers maximum stability and security by minimising the impact of computer viruses or spyware. Protection of our system: built-in firewall, IP blocking, users with permissions, tunnel to encrypted media and logging of all operations in the system with a detailed log.

IMMEDIATE AND INTELLIGENT DETECTION: The use of video analytics enables immediate detection of situations of risk or interest, reducing reaction time. Plugin Plus with metadata for intelligent detection.

WEB INTERFACE: Our applications can be used remotely without the need to install additional software, simply by using a web browser.

HIGHER DENSITY: VAELSYS is a leader in the optimization of video processing algorithms. Saving space and power consumption by being able to analyse more video channels per hardware unit.

GUARANTEED DETECTION: Vaelsys offers the widest range of perimeter detection products, allowing the solution to be adapted to the environmental conditions and thus guaranteeing the highest possible detection rate. Our solutions have been designed to detect people crawling, crouching and driving during the day and at night.

OPEN SOLUTION: Compatible with all major camera and recorder manufacturers on the market, it also incorporates integration with various management and control software.



Factories, industrial areas, power stations, mining operations, etc. They must protect their facilities from unauthorised access, as well as from the presence of people or vehicles in restricted or dangerous areas. Video analytics solutions are the ideal complement to any video surveillance camera installation. They provide real-time information to monitor different areas of an industrial site.


 Vaelsys integrates various automatic video processing technologies to manage vehicle access from a single solution, control the presence of people in restricted areas or detect perimeter intrusions. The extent of the space to be monitored and the diversity of control needs make Vaelsys tools an essential pillar in guaranteeing the security of an industrial installation.