Video can be an important tool for monitoring isolated or unattended facilities such as gas stations. Vaelsys analytics solutions allow you to improve day-to-day operations and protect your assets, as well as offer the ability to gain in-depth knowledge of customer behaviour, facilitate decision making and increase a billing.

Control of non-payment at Service Stations: Through licence plate identification, the payment of the pump can be linked to the specific registration and prevent the opening of an exit barrier (or any other device) in case of non-payment.

Effective surveillance: Detect the presence of people in the service station when it is closed or collaborates in the surveillance of parking areas for transporters.

Influx control: Estimate the number of vehicles accessing the station by hours or days, compare monthly or yearly data, obtain the average time of stay of a vehicle in the service area, etc.

Control of restricted access areas: Event-driven recording of access to meter rooms or registers, as well as warehouses or offices, detection of people in the building outside working hours, etc.

In-store behavioural analysis: The detection of hot spots and black spots provides a better understanding of customer behaviour in the shopping area and their profitability for better results.

Preventing fraudulent claims: The high-quality recording allows one to know the condition of a vehicle before and after the car wash, avoiding possible claims for damage to the vehicle.



LOSS PREVENTION: thanks to our default pump control using LPR technology, you can avoid economic losses. On the other hand, the combination of cash and video operations makes it easier to detect fraudulent transactions.

SALES INCREASE: Better control of the dispensers means that prepayment can be avoided, and the range can be left open to make it easier for your customers to fill the tank, which increases fuel sales.

SHOP OPTIMIZATION: From the detection of hot spots for advertising positioning to the detection of age, gender, frequency, vehicle numbers, campaign testing, etc.

EARLY DETECTION: In unattended or closed stations, our solutions can detect intruders or loiterers in real-time.

MULTIPLE ANALYSIS: VAELSYS solutions allow you to work with different types of video analytics, both proprietary and third-party, providing the best analytics from a single solution. Such as LPR, facial, heatmap, perimeter detection, etc.

WEB INTERFACE: Our applications can be used remotely without the need to install additional software, simply by using a web browser.

SECURITY: 64-bit Linux operating system. It offers maximum stability and security by minimising the impact of computer viruses or spyware. Protection of our system: built-in firewall, IP blocking, users with permissions, tunnel to encrypted media and logging of all operations in the system with a detailed log.

OPEN SOLUTION: It is compatible with the main camera and recorder manufacturers on the market, and also incorporates elements for integration with various management and control software.



Geographical isolation, long opening hours, and an influx of customers at any given time are just some of the reasons that make petrol stations a potential target for crime. Its complex nature requires an intelligent video analytics system that ensures effective security. Thanks to Vaelsys technology, the owner of a petrol station can obtain information on the influx of customers in the station, the time spent and the recurrence of visits. In addition, automatic licence plate readings can be used to activate or block pumps, thus avoiding overpayments without restricting the refuelling of other customers. Video analysis can also be used to detect intruders in the refuelling area, preventing damage to vending machines and shop robberies.