The video is a fundamental tool for decision-making in complex environments such as large cities. Vaelsys analytics solutions provide information on mobility, the safety of critical infrastructure, access to restricted areas, enabling forensic investigations as well as managing metrics on city behaviour.

Parking space management: Both in covered and open car parks. It allows the possibility of controlling the capacity, the dwell time of each vehicle, etc.

Detection of traffic violations and estimation of vehicle flow: no-way, double parking, etc. In some areas, behavioural assessment to better manage traffic.

Detection of traffic congestion: Location of the origin of the retention and estimation by sections of the time and estimated arrival at a point.

Access control to restricted areas: Like the city centre or in the historic centre.

Intelligent protection of critical areas: Intrusion detection in critical areas, loitering, access control by license plate or face. Full integration with security management software and major cities.


OPEN SOLUTION: Compatible with all major camera and recorder manufacturers on the market, it also incorporates integration with various management and control software.

METRICS: Important metrics and data can be obtained from our platform for the optimisation of city resources. Capacity, traffic increase or decrease, parking spaces, city behaviour, etc.

SECURITY: 64-bit Linux operating system. It offers maximum stability and security by minimising the impact of computer viruses or spyware. Protection of our system: built-in firewall, IP blocking, users with permissions, tunnel to encrypted media and logging of all operations in the system with a detailed log.

MULTI-ANALYSIS: VAELSYS solutions allow you to work with different types of video analytics, both your own and those of third parties, providing the best analytics from a single solution. Such as LPR, facial, heatmap, perimeter detection, etc.

WEB INTERFACE: Our applications can be used remotely without the need to install additional software, simply by using a web browser.

MORE RESPONSIVENESS: The use of video analysis allows for the immediate detection of situations of risk or interest, thus reducing reaction time.

HIGHER DENSITY: VAELSYS is a leader in the optimization of video processing algorithms. Saving space and power consumption by being able to analyse more video channels per hardware unit.



Traffic violations, access control, police investigation or the protection of the city’s landmarks must be guaranteed by an intelligent surveillance system that ensures the effectiveness of the analysis and the quality of the results. Thanks to Vaelsys technology, mobility managers in our cities have relevant information to monitor the mobility of citizens in real time.

The intelligent video analysis system has positioned itself as one of the most effective security tools in cities as it automates the collection of information from traditional video surveillance systems.